Loyalty Program

You are automatically enrolled in our Rewards Points program when you sign up for an account or place an order, and can start earning points immediately! At TOPUPMYCARD.COM there are no sign up fees or additional information required to become a member of our rewards program.

How TOPUPMYCARD.COM Can Be Redeemed Towards Future Purchases:

When Rewards Points are earned, they are applied to your account within just a couple of business days.  When your Rewards Points reach 100 points, you will start to earn cash back on future purchases on TOPUPMYCARD.COM! For every 100 Rewards Points you earn, you can redeem 5 dollars cash back to be used towards future purchases.  Rewards Points can be applied towards product and shipping costs on your purchases. Reward Points expire 1 years from the date they were earned. Your Rewards Points balance and history can be viewed after logging in.

How to Earn Rewards Points:

Orders: For 10 dollars you spend on TOPUPMYCARD.COM you'll earn 1 Reward Point - for example, you can earn 10 Rewards Points with a $100 purchase! These points are applied for the full value of your purchase. Points will be earned on all purchases made once the order has shipped (exception: if rewards points are applied towards your purchase amount, points are not earned on the amount you paid with previous points).

Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve the right, at anytime without prior notice, to change or remove our loyalty point system.
  • Expiration: Points are accumulated on a calendar year and any unused point will be expired on 12/31 of the following year.
  • Points are only applicable at our online store www.topupmycard.com.
  • Points are not transferable for other uses and members cannot exchange points for cash.
  • If someone is found to be abusing the loyalty point system, Topupmycard reserve the right to take action, at such way of remove their points and suspend their member account.
  • Joining our Topupmycard.com membership indicates that you accept these terms and conditions.

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